The Breast Cancer Supportive Care Clinic offers support to breast cancer patients through individual and group care programs, that help patients navigate the many physical and emotional challenges that arise from breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

We also provide counseling services to family members and high risk surveillance services to those who have a family history of breast cancer and/or a genetic predisposition.


We are a team of physicians certified in family medicine but who specialize in breast cancer care.

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Support and information regarding breast cancer and treatment guidelines at the time of diagnosis.

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Our Mission

We support individuals with breast cancer, their families, and those at high risk of developing breast cancer.

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Accessing our programs and services is free and made available to people in Calgary and the surrounding area. Referrals are not necessary, and appointments can be booked by calling our office directly.

To book an appointment, call (403) 270-2242. To learn more about the individual and group care programs we offer, visit our programs and services page or call us at (403) 270-2242.