Mission, Vision and Values

Breast Cancer Supportive Care

Our Mission

We empower individuals with breast cancer, their families, and those at high risk of developing breast cancer to achieve optimal wellness through the highest standard of compassion and integrated supportive care.

Our Vision

All people impacted by breast cancer have knowledge of and access to our innovative model of supportive care.

Our Values

Excellence Provide the highest standard of care to our patients in order to facilitate their optimal health and wellness.

Time Provide our patients with the time they require at appointments to adequately manage their issues and concerns.

Respect Value the dignity and intrinsic worth of each person and remain mindful of the privilege to speak and act in consideration of others’ needs and points of view.

Integrity Earn trust through ethical behavior and uncompromising professionalism.

Advocacy Encourage self-advocacy of breast cancer patients to ensure access to exemplary care throughout the continuum of treatment.

Collaboration Commit to open, inclusive and respectful interactions among medical team members and care providers with a view to improving the lives of those affected by breast cancer.

Leadership Assume an active role in enhancing awareness, medical care and teaching in cancer supportive care.

Wellness Promote the principles of “whole person” wellness in all that we do.