Our History

Breast Cancer Supportive Care

In 1999, a group of eight breast cancer patients met through a psychosocial support program at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. This group gathered for social support and to share their personal challenges related to their experience with breast cancer. One of the eight patients included Dr. Ardythe Taylor, who is a founder of Breast Cancer Supportive Care.

Through the support group, these patients identified the need for a medical practice that would help fill the gaps they had experienced in their ongoing care.

Attempting to determine if other breast cancer patients shared their concerns, Dr. Ardythe Taylor and Dr. Lesley Coulter organized focus group sessions to solicit input from stakeholders in the Calgary community.

The focus group sessions indicated that there was a lack of continuity of care in the current health care system for women in Southern Alberta who develop breast cancer. In response to the research, Dr. Ardythe Taylor and Dr. Lesley Coulter worked to bring about the required shift in medical care that breast cancer survivors were seeking.

Following a period of specialized training, Doctors Taylor and Coulter opened Breast Cancer Supportive Care.

Since opening its doors in 2003, Breast Cancer Supportive care has experienced exponential growth and has developed a reputation for excellence in the community for programs and services they offer breast cancer patients.